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1:1 Beauty/Makeup & Hair

Online coaching session

This is a personalised program, where I guide you step by step on how to enhance you with skincare, makeup and hair.

You can choose to take the 60 minutes basic makeup coaching.

Or you can choose to combine basic skincare and makeup 90 minutes coaching.

There are also possibilities to deep dive into each topic separately.

Deep dive meaning, we work together for 3 days in steps on the topic you choose, Skincare or Makeup or Hair.

See list below. 


1. Get to know your skin

2. Cleansing routine, personal products

3. Skincare and protection, personal products

Makeup. 12 steps on a chart how to apply.

1. Natural day makeup

2. Business makeup

3. Party makeup


1. Your hair, personal haircare

2. Natural hair styling

3. Party styling

Package based on my book


21 day´s challenge of connecting with your 5 senses 

This is an online program where I take you through a journey around your 5 senses to create wellbeing and beauty from inside out and vice versa.

I believe in wholeness, that all is connected and when we work on our inside, it shows on the outside. Adding the touch of organic skincare and beauty products to enhance your features that will make you feel and look smashing, going out radiating to the world.

The challenge starts 30 of September and will be every day for 30 minutes, where I guide you and give you tasks and training to bring out the best in you, so you can shine as the star you are.

Save your spot on my email:

If you want live coaching, look at the page Workshops for the different options, to make special request. It´s also possible to book me for lectures and retreats.

All bookings are via email:

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