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Group of maximum 8, and or 1:1 live workshop.

All are on topics below.

  1. Personalized organic makeup workshop/coaching, 3 sessions.

Deep diving into who you are, what you like, seeing your assets, learning hands on application from what I see in you that will make you radiate.

  1. Basic 3 step organic makeup workshop; basic, business and party makeup. Learning how to apply makeup in a easy way. Can also be online.

  2. Organic skincare session, add if you wish basic natural makeup.

  3. Organic skincare workshop; create your personal balms, soap and perfume with organic botanical oils and essential oils.

  4. Simple personal organic hairstyling.

  5. Online 1:1 makeup coaching session.

The amount of sessions are according to how deep personalized coaching you want.

As I always say, ”what happends inside shows on the outside and this program will make you radiate”​

For start you will get a short questionaire that you fill in, so I know your skills, needs and wishes.