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21 day´s challenge of 5 senses 

This is an online program where I take you through a journey around your 5 senses to create wellbeing and beauty from inside out and vice versa.

I believe in wholeness, that all is connected and when we work on our inside it shows on the outside. Adding the touch of organic skincare and beauty products to enhance your features and you will feel and look smashing, radiating to the world.

The challenge starts 24 of August. So save your spot on my email:

1:1 Beauty/Makeup & Hair online coaching session

This is a personalized program, where I take you step by step how to enhance you with skincare, makeup and hair.

There are 3 parts of each topic. You can choose only one topic and deep dive and you can mix from the needs that you have.


1. Get to know your skin

2. Cleansing routine, products

3. Skincare and protection

Makeup. 12 steps on a chart

1. Natural day makeup

2. Business makeup

3. Party makeup


1. Haircare

2. Natural hair styling

3. Party styling

If you want live coaching, look at the page Workshops.

All bookings are via Email: