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Hi, my name is Catherine Dichy and I'm an organic beauty transformer.

I want to tell you about how I became the star hair and makeup artist, who always has a goal of bringing out the best in people by making them feel seen, safe, confident and therefore looking totally smashing, also with my touch of makeup. 

My journey started as a junior/apprentice at Klippoteket, the no 1 trendsalon in Stockholm during the 80-90s. Thank’s to my passion, dedication and skills, I got to do my final education and training at Vidal Sassoon in London. After 8 years, I got headhunted by Mika's model agency as a Hairstylist, which naturally gave me insight to the world of makeup. So the next step was natural, to get educated as a make-up artist. There my career took of big time. Traveling around the world, working with top photographers, stylists, models, celebrities and clients, such as H&M, Vanity Fair and the Swedish Nobel house. Since I’m a curious person and always want to evolve, I went to L.A Hollywood to learn special effects. Coming back to Sweden I realized that my passion and gift was more about natural beauty, where my skills of bringing out the best in people by seeing them, elevate their energy and emphasizing their features. This resulted in the creation of my book "Natural Beauty", which took me into the complex world of organic skincare and beauty through a lot of deep research.

The book is a coffee table book about the beauty of wholeness and wellbeing in a natural and sustainable way. I want to inspire with recipes and give tools to find the way to balance, happiness/joy, and natural beauty.

It is sold out, but don’t despond, a new extended version/edition is in the making.

Now I am taking my ”skills” further with what I love doing, holding workshops, personal sessions, lectures and retreats around the topics of my book. Teaching about mindset around self care, health and beauty, with hands on learnings about skincare, the craft of personal makeup and hair. The sessions, workshops and retreats are live or online. 

Great memories

After a fantastic H&M-fashion show at Dalhalla with all the topmodels,

I ended up dancing with Grace Jones at the after party.

Catherine Dichy

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